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Color Management

Color Management

Why Color Management?

Customers are looking for color predictability and consistency. They want their colors to be reproducible on a variety of materials with consistent results, even though different printing devices reproduce color differently.

When the same values are sent to different devices (the RGB values are viewed on different monitors and sent to different RGB printers (Lightjet 430/500), and the CMYK values are sent to CMYK printers (Epson Stylus GS6000), the resulting colors are quite different—unless the devices are identical and process the values identically. What’s needed is a way to take the values that represent the desired color on one device, and from them produce corresponding values that will reproduce the “same” color on another device.

At Precision Color, we try to emphasize that color management is a requirement because devices produce color differently and require different color values to produce similar results. We have dedicated our efforts to color management by combining valuable tools with many years of industry experience, and we feel we are uniquely qualified to serve our customers.

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