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Guidelines for Font Usage

Problems start to arise when different users, such as designers, customers, and printers, share files. Each user must have the same fonts (and version) to ensure that the file will be displayed on the screen and print properly.

To help prevent and resolve font conflicts, keep the following in mind:

1. Nothing can crash your computer faster than a corrupted font, and it can be difficult to diagnose. A disk offering 500 fonts for $9.95 seems like a good idea until you try to print them.

2. Sending the file to a printer that has a different system or software version can cause errors or the loss of formatting. MACs and PCs can't use the same fonts.

3. Be sure to include all fonts with the documents you submit. Our printers may not have a specified font, so include the screen and printer fonts, in addition to bold, italic and other versions. Include additional font dingbats or end-marks as well. Using the wrong version can damage the text flow and layout.

Bottom line; convert all fonts to curves/outlines to avoid any conflict.

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