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Preflight Checklist

Preflight preparation is the process of collecting all application and sources files that created your job. This will uncover missing data or fonts, misplaced illustrations, incorrect sizing, resolutions, and other important details.

1. The first thing to do is to check with us to ensure that we have the software application and the current version of the software you're using. If there are compatibility problems, you may need to submit a PDF for output.

2. Supply a printed proof of the FINAL file along with a list of supporting files.

3. Use EPS or TIFF images and convert to proper color space (RGB for Lightjet/CMYK for ColorGrafX). Do not embed images; save as separate files. If sending a Photoshop file, keep it in layers.

4. Include ALL application files and source files.

5. Resolution should be between 100-300 dpi at final size.

6. Always make a backup copy of the file and retain it.

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